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How is it called the measure of how difficult it is for electricity to flow through a material or circuit?
a) Voltage
b) Resistance
c) Electrical Power
d) Electrical current

What is the device used to measure resistance?
a) Switch
b) Voltmeter
c) Ohmeter
d) Insulator

What is the name of a particle with positive charge?
a) Electron
b) Conductor
c) Neutron
d) Proton

What formula would you use to express the Ohm's Law?
a) I = Q/T
b) P=I*V
c) V=I*R
d) R=V/I

Which component does it have the ability of slowing down the current in a circuit?
a) Resistor
b) Battery
c) Bulb
d) Motor

What kind of current does it take place along one direction?
a) Electrical power
b) Alternating current
c) Direct current
d) Electricity

What is the unit for measuring electrical current?
a) Coulomb
b) Watt
c) Ampere
d) Ohm

What material is good conductor of electricity?
a) Plastic
b) Wood
c) Glass
d) Copper

How would you name a circuit that contains more than one pathway (loop) for energy to follow?
a) Serie Circuit
b) Circuit diagram
c) Power circuit
d) Parallel Circuit

What makes electrons move in an electrical circuit?
a) Resistor
b) Battery
c) Electrical current
d) Electrical power

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