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What kind of food contain proteins?
a) Milk and pasta.
b) Butter and fried foods.
c) Dairy products, meat, fish, legumes and eggs.
d) All of them.

What kind of food contain carbohydrates?
a) Bread, beams and grains .
b) Rice, pasta and fruit.
c) All previous foods.
d) Meat and fish.

What food are nutrients that provide energy?
a) Fibre, minerals and water.
b) Carbohydrates.
c) Fats.
d) Answer #2 and #3 are corrects.

What kinds of foods can be found in the diet?
a) Carbohydrates.
b) Proteins and fats.
c) All of them.
d) Fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Tell which of the following sentences are true.
a) It is not necessary to have fat in our diet.
b) Fat allows to process vitamins and minerals which cannot be absorbed in any other way.
c) You will be hungry sooner after eating a boiled egg than after a bowl of corn flakes.
d) Fibre is found in the form of animal material that we can absorb.

Why are proteins son important in our diet?
a) To forms an insulating layer under the skin to keep you warm.
b) Proteins are not so important if you want to lose weight.
c) To enable us to grow and repair muscle.
d) To avoid dehydration.

What is the percentage of water in the human body?
a) 15%.
b) 50%.
c) It depends. It can vary between 20% and 60%.
d) 75%.

What kind of food contain fats?
a) Oils (sunflower, corn...) and margarines.
b) Animal fat-Solids (butter, cheese).
c) All of them.
d) Chips and fried foods.

What happens if we don’t drink enough water?
a) Nothing.
b) Risk of dehydration, fatigue and lack of concentration.
c) Only if we are five days without water.
d) Gain muscle mass.

Why are carbohydrates important in sports?
a) Carbohydrates are not important in sports.
b) Cause other foods do not provide energy.
c) Because it is lighter.
d) Because carbohydrate energy is released slowly through the body and give a quick burst of energy.

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