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The annual awards for artistic achievements in music are called
a) Grammy Awards
b) Emmy Awards
c) Oscar Awards
d) Pulitzer Prizes

The oldest American university is
a) Harvard
b) Yale
c) Princeton
d) Columbia

That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind was said by
a) Neil Amstrong
b) Martin Luther King
c) J.F.Kennedy
d) Abraham Lincoln

The national emblem of the USA is
a) the bald eagle
b) the Statue of Liberty
c) the mountain bluebird
d) the buffalo

The term Big Apple refers to
a) New York
b) Los Angeles
c) San Francisco
d) Manhattan

Which of these is not the American national sport?
a) rugby
b) baseball
c) basketball
d) American football

The USA is a federal republic of
a) 50 states
b) 50 states and Alaska
c) 50 states and Hawaii
d) 49 states

The flag of the United States has
a) 13 stripes and 50 stars
b) 12 stripes and 49 stars
c) 12 stripes and 51 stars
d) 13 stripes and 51 stars

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to commemorate
a) the first harvest of Plymouth colony in 1621
b) the discovery of America by Columbus
c) the victory of the first colonists over the Indians in 1602
d) the marriage of Captain John Smith and Pocahontas

Which of the following was not invented in the USA?
a) pizza
b) Coca Cola
c) jeans
d) telephone

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