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The net height in volleyball is...
a) 2.24 meters for women and 2.43 meters for men
b) 2.42 meters for women and 2.34 meters for men
c) 2.14 meters for women and 2.24 meters for men
d) 2.20 meters for women and 2.40 meters for men

In volleyball is not allowed ( select the false )
a) maximum of three hits per side
b) Touches the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play
c) Block or attack a serve
d) Hitting the ball illegally

A game will be played to
a) 25 pts
b) 21 pts
c) 15 pts
d) 11 pts

For a good posture ( select the false)
a) the feet should be wider than shoulder width apart
b) Arms held in front of the body
c) The knees should be pushed forward but not passed the front of the toes
d) the center of weight and the eyes should travel parallel to the floor

The skill used to play a ball that is coming below head height is
a) the forearm pass
b) The overhand pass
c) The serve
d) The smash

The first line of defense against the smash is
a) The block
b) The serve
c) The volley set
d) The dig

The action of sending the ball over the net to the opponent’s court is called
a) spiking
b) block
c) digging
d) setting

The server must serve
a) behind the end line
b) in front at the end line
c) at the back zone
d) at the side line

How old is the volleyball sport?
a) 117 years old
b) 84 years old
c) 53 years old
d) 134 years old

At the beginning, the volleyball was a blend of different sports
a) basketball, tennis, baseball and handball
b) handball, tennis, football and badminton
c) basketball, baseball, badminton,tennis
d) tennis,basketball,baseball

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