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What was the first publicly supported institute of higher learning?
a) the University of Georgia
b) Berry College
c) the Georgia Institute of Technology
d) the University of North Georgia

What was most reponsible for the creation of Atlanta?
a) railroads
b) the Civil War
c) smallpox outbreaks in Savannah
d) the invention of the cotton gin

Who invented the cotton gin?
a) Eli Whitney
b) Abraham Baldwin
c) Ben Franklin
d) Austin Dabney

Which two religious groups gained many members in Georgia during the early 1800s?
a) Baptists and Methodists
b) Catholics and Presbyterians
c) Episcopalians and Lutherans
d) Adventists and Anglicans

Which city became the capital of Georgia in 1796 due to its central location?
a) Atlanta
b) Louisville
c) Augusta
d) Savannah

Where did the Yazoo Land Fraud actually take place?
a) Southeast Georgia
b) New York City
c) Florida
d) Alabama and Mississippi

How much of Georgia's land was given away during the land lottery system?
a) 3/4
b) 1/2
c) 1/4
d) 2/5

When did Methodists and Baptists begin to rapidly increase in Georgia?
a) the First Great Awakening
b) the Second Great Awakening
c) the Civil War
d) the American Revolution

What gave thousands of acres of land to American Revolution veterans?
a) the headright system
b) the land lottery system
c) the Yazoo Act
d) the Georgia Constitution of 1777

Which of these did NOT lead to Louisville losing its position as Georgia's capital city?
a) frequent malaria outbreaks
b) difficulty of using the Ogeechee River
c) the movement of Georgia's population to the north and west
d) the invention of the cotton gin

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