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After the last ice age, stranded ice blocks left behind by the continental glacier melted and formed...
a) kettles
b) cirques
c) drumlins
d) moraines

A ______________ glacier spreads out over a large island or continent.
a) continental
b) moraine
c) delta
d) valley

The mixture of sediments deposited directly by a glacier is called...
a) horn
b) fiord
c) terminal moraine
d) till

______________ constantly pulls a glacier downhill.
a) Slump
b) Water
c) Wind
d) Gravity

As waves repeatedly hit a beach, some of the beach sediment moves down the beach with the current, in a process known as...
a) sand dune
b) loess deposit
c) longshore drift
d) deflation

If a sea arch collapses, a pillar of rock called _______ can form.
a) spit
b) fiord
c) headland
d) sea stack

The energy that produces ocean waves come from...
a) the rise and fall of the tides
b) rivers flowing into the ocean
c) wind blowing across the water's surface
d) rock falling into the ocean along the shore

If waves erode the soft rock along the base of a steep coast, the result may eventually be a landform called a...
a) spit
b) fiord
c) headland
d) wave-cut cliff

In deserts, deflation can sometimes create an area of rock fragments called a
a) sand dune
b) loess deposit
c) desert pavement
d) sod

The process in which rock fragments freeze to the bottom of a glacier and then are carried away when the glacier moves is called...
a) abrasion
b) valley widening
c) surging
d) plucking

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