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Wind carrying sand grains deposits the sand when the wind...
a) cools after nightfall
b) speeds up
c) crosses a depression in the ground
d) slows down or hits an obstacle

A deposit of minerals that hang from the ceiling of the cave is called a(n)
a) icicle
b) groundwater
c) stalagmite
d) stalactite

Landslides, mudflows, slump, and creep are all examples of...
a) mechanical weathering
b) soil formation
c) mass movement
d) runoff

Deltas are built up by
a) deposition
b) erosion
c) abrasion
d) leaching

Particles of clay and silt eroded and deposited by the wind are called...
a) till
b) sod
c) dust
d) loess

A wide sloping deposit of sediment formed where a stream leaves a mountain range is called a(n)
a) divide
b) slump
c) alluvial fan
d) drainage basin

When a river flows from an area of harder rock to an area of softer rock, the softer rock may wear away, eventually forming a drop called a(n)
a) waterfall
b) oxbow lake
c) gully
d) delta

A ridge of till located at the farthest point reached by a glacier is called a...
a) horn
b) terminal moraine
c) drumlin
d) fiord

After the last ice age, stranded ice blocks left behind by continental glacier melted and formed..
a) moraines
b) kettles
c) cirques
d) drumlins

Which of the following is evidence that an area was once covered by a glacier?
a) loess deposit
b) alluvial fan
c) U-shaped valley
d) V-shaped valley

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