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What do obligation and prohibition symbols have in common?
a) The form.
b) The color.
c) They don't have anything in common.
d) The form and the color.

What do we need in the construction step?
a) Materials.
b) Tools.
c) A planning chart.
d) All the choices are right.

The previous step to construction in the design process is ...
a) Test.
b) Specifications.
c) Design.
d) Planning.

In the technology workroom we must ...
a) Respect some specific rules.
b) Respect health and safety rules.
c) Pay attention to health and safety symbols.
d) All the choices are right.

What is the name of the table used in the technology workroom?
a) The project table.
b) The workbench.
c) The designing table.
d) None of the choices.

What is technology?
a) A combination of science and technique.
b) A subject to make handicrafts.
c) A new subject of secondary school.
d) None of the choices.

Pollution is ...
a) An advantage of technology.
b) A product of technology.
c) A disadvantage of technology.
d) A positive consequence of technology.

What is the name of the process that technology follows to make products?
a) The project process.
b) The technological process.
c) The design process.
d) The construction process.

What do we use in the design step?
a) Technical drawing.
b) Artistic drawing.
c) Materials and tools.
d) A planning chart.

A tree is ....
a) not a technology product.
b) a technology product.
c) a consequence of technology.
d) a technology by-product.

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