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How many months are there in a year and a half?
a) 20
b) 16
c) 18
d) 15

How many hours in three days?
a) 48
b) 36
c) 72
d) 84

foto rectángulo
a) 5/10
b) 6/10
c) 1/3
d) 2/3

foto rombo
a) at 90 degrees
b) equal in length
c) at 60 degrees
d) unequal in length

foto triangulo
a) Right angle
b) Equilateral
c) Angelica
d) Isosceles

foto frutas
a) 66
b) 70
c) 60
d) 72

Mr Smith works out the monthly pocket money for his children with this formula. Age in years x 60p = pocket money. Dan is 11, how much does he get?
a) 5.60 pounds
b) 6.60 pounds
c) 6.00 pounds
d) 60 pounds

The number of goals scored by the school football team over a period of 8 games is listed: 0 -- 2 -- 5 -- 4 -- 2 --1 -- 1 –- 2. What is the range of number of goals?
a) 5
b) 7
c) 6
d) 4

The temperature of an ice-cube in the fridge is –8 degrees centigrade and the cup of tea on the table is 30 degrees centigrade. What is the difference between the two?
a) 48 degrees centigrade
b) 22 degrees centigrade
c) 38 degrees centigrade
d) 28 degrees centigrade

A large bar of chocolate costs 70p and weighs 100 grams. How many grams do you get for 1p?
a) 1.5
b) 1.4
c) 1.53
d) 1.43

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