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Before lava reaches the surface, it is called ____________
a) Magma
b) magma chamber
c) lava
d) lava chamber

The volcanoes along converging oceanic plate boundaries may from a/an ______.
a) Move
b) Gyser
c) Island Arc
d) igloo

The formation of the Hawiaan Islands is one example of Volcanoes forming over _____.
a) the crust
b) ash
c) Aa
d) hot spots

Volcanic belts form a long the _____________.
a) plate bounderies
b) island arc
c) drift
d) pahoehoe

A ___________ is a weak spot in the crust where magma comes through.
a) crust
b) volcano
c) pipe
d) pyroclastic flow

The ___________ is a belt of volcanoes around the rim of the Pacific
a) Volcano
b) crust
c) Ring of fire
d) lava

An area where magma melts through the middle of a plate is called a hotspot.
a) crust
b) plate boundary
c) Aa
d) Volcano

A ___________ is an area in the middle of a tectonic plate (not at a plate boundary), and where material from deep with in the mantle rises, then melts forming magma.
a) lava
b) hot spot
c) volcano
d) silica

Over time, a new Hawiaan is likely to form as the pacific plate continues to______ over a hotspot
a) errupt explosively
b) pipe above the ground
c) drift
d) Silica

The molten mixture of rock forming substances gases and water deep in the earth's crust mantle is called_____
a) Magma
b) Plate bounderies
c) Hot Spot
d) Ring of Fire

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