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How did ancient Egyptians benefit when the Nile River flooded?
a) Left silt behind that was good for farming
b) it was easier to travel by boat
c) It made it easier to keep enemies away
d) Helped the leader stay in power

Why did the Egyptians mummify and bury people with their belongings when they passed away?
a) They believed they weren't really dead yet.
b) They left their belongings as gifts for the gods.
c) They believed in a life after death
d) They left their belongings for the tomb robbers

Why did ancient Egypt believe that having social classes was a good idea?
a) They believed there wasn't enough money for everyone.
b) They believed there would not be enough farmers without a class system
c) They believed Egypt should focus on Egyptians rather than fight wars.
d) They believed society worked better when people knew their roles.

How did the Egyptians benefit from the trading Voyage to Punt?
a) They learned hieroglyphics
b) they were introduced to new items and ideas
c) they learned how to sail a felucca
d) they conquered other groups

Whey were some people in Canaan herders rather than farmers?
a) the land was too hilly and dry.
b) the sun was too strong for farming
c) the groud was too cold for farming
d) the Dead Sea was too salty.

What was the system of writing that the Egyptians created?
a) Census
b) Alphabet
c) Hieroglyphics
d) Papyrus

What monument did Khufu build for himself?
a) The Sphinx
b) The Temple at Abu Simbel
c) The White Chapel
d) The Great Pyramid at Giza

What were some jobs of the peasants?
a) make jewelry, pottery, and metal tools
b) plantand harvest crops, build pyramids
c) enforce laws
d) advise the pharaoh and supervise ceremonies

What physical feature was the most important to Egyptians?
a) desert
b) hills
c) trees
d) river

Who was the first female pharaoh?
a) Khufu
b) Senusret I
c) Hatshepsut
d) Ramses II

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