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Which of the following events came FIRST?
a) Native Americans attacked the fort at Detroit.
b) Pontiac's Rebellion ended.
c) The Proclamation of 1763 was passed.
d) Native Americans attacked the fort at Michimilmackinac.

Which French fur trader was one of the first to explore the Mississippi river?
a) Jolliet
b) LaSalle
c) Cadillac
d) Marquette

Which explorer walked across the Lower Peninsula?
a) Cadillac
b) Marquette
c) LaSalle
d) deTonty

Which of the following explorers was a missionary?
a) Marquette
b) LaSalle
c) Cadillac
d) Jolliet

Who was the first known French explorer in Michigan?
a) Brule
b) Jolliet
c) Marquette
d) deTonty

Which explorer built the Griffon?
a) Cadillac
b) Brule
c) LaSalle
d) Pontiac

What was the main effect of the French and Indian War on Michigan?
a) The Proclamation of 1763 was passed.
b) All of the Native Americans left Michigan.
c) The French took over Michigan.
d) The British took over Michigan.

Which explorer got sued by his sister-in-law?
a) Jolliet
b) Cadillac
c) deTonty
d) Marquette

Which of these events came LAST?
a) Pontiac's Rebellion ended.
b) The French and Indian War ended in 1766.
c) The French and Indian War started.
d) The Proclamation of 1763 was passed.

Who was the first Italian explorer in Michigan?
a) deTonty
b) Pontiac
c) Brule
d) LaSalle

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