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What is a subject?
a) The verb of a sentence
b) The predicate of a sentence
c) What the sentence is about, usually a noun.
d) What the sentence is doing, usually a verb.

What is a predicate?
a) The portion of the sentence which describes color.
b) The portion of a sentence which describes what the subject is doing.
c) The noun in the sentence.
d) The object in the sentence.

What is a direct object?
a) A noun which receives the action of the sentence.
b) A noun which performs an action.
c) A noun which is in the predicate.
d) A noun which describes a person.

A direct object can answer which of the following questions?
a) Whom or where is the action taking place?
b) Where or why is the action taking place?
c) Whom or what is receiving the action?
d) Whom or why is the action taking place?

Does every sentence always have a direct object?
a) Yes. Absolutely every sentence has a direct object.
b) Yes, but only if there are two nouns in the sentence.
c) Very rarely will you ever find a direct object. They are hard to find.
d) No, not every sentence has an action that is received by a noun.

Find the direct object in this sentence: Soon, Christmas will surround us.
a) will
b) will surround
c) Christmas
d) us

Find the direct object in this sentence: An Advent wreath hangs on the door.
a) Advent
b) door
c) hangs
d) wreath

Find the direct object in this sentence: Wrapped presents hide secrets gifts.
a) secret
b) presents
c) gifts
d) Wrapped

Find the direct object in this sentence: Santa rides his sleigh into the cold dark night.
a) sleigh
b) rides
c) night
d) Santa

Find the direct object in this sentence: Santa gives coal to naughty children everywhere.
a) coal
b) Santa
c) children
d) everywhere

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