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What land was claimed by France in North America?
a) Land that bordered the Mississippi River
b) All the land drained from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico
c) All the land drained from Mississippi River
d) All the land along the Rio Grande

How did the east Texas settlement attempts turn out for the French and the Spanish?
a) Both did well
b) The French failed but the Spanish did well
c) The Spanish failed but the French did well
d) Did not go well, both did not succeed

What type of settlement did the French and Spanish create in east Texas?
a) The Spanish built a fort and the French a mission
b) The Spanish built a ranch and the French a fort
c) The Spanish built a mission and the French a fort
d) The Spanish built a town and the French a mission

What was the name of each type of settlement created by the French and the Spanish?
a) The Spanish San Francisco de los Tejas, the French Ft. St. Louis
b) The Spanish Los Adeas, the French Ft. St. Louis
c) The Spanish San Antonio de Valero, the French Los Adeas
d) The Spanish San Francisco de los Tejas, the French Corpus Chrisi

What event helped to build up west Texas settlement?
a) Texas Revolution
b) Chicken War
c) Pueblo Revolt of 1680
d) French and Indian War

Where were people fleeing from when they began to settle in west Texas
a) New Mexico from the Pueblo Revolt
b) Arizona from the Pueblo Revolt
c) California from the Pueblo Revolt
d) Texas from the Pueblo Revolt

What is the name of the first mission in Texas (it was built in the west)?
a) Corpus Christi de la Ysalta
b) Ft. St. Louis
c) Corpus Christi de la Isleta
d) San Francisco de los Tejas

Who were the three countries present in North America just prior to the French and Indian War?
a) France, Spain, Britain
b) Spain, United States, Mexico
c) Spain, France, United States
d) France, Britain, United States

What two wars were occurred on the North American mainland in 1820?
a) War of 1812 and American Revolutionary War
b) Mexican War of Independence and the War of 1812
c) Mexican War of Independence and the French and Indian War
d) French and Indian War and American Revolutionary War

What is the Adam Onis Treaty?
a) The treaty which required Spain and France to cede land to Britain
b) The treaty which divided the territory between France and the United States
c) The treaty that decided who would get Florida
d) The treaty which drew the boundary between Spain and the United States in 1819.

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