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A group of squirrels living in the same area is a
a) population
b) organism
c) community
d) ecosystem

The squirrel is part of _________________ which includes a small area of living and nonliving things.
a) an ecosystem
b) a biosphere
c) a community
d) a biome

The dessert, tundra, rainforest, prairie, etc. are all examples of
a) biomes
b) biospheres
c) communities
d) populations

A single squirrel is considered
a) an organism
b) a community
c) a population
d) a biome

Squirrels, trees, bunny rabbits, mice, and flowers all living in the same area are
a) a community
b) a population
c) an organism
d) an ecosystem

Another name for the earth is
a) biosphere
b) biome
c) ecosystem
d) community

A group of all the same species living in a certain area are called
a) a population
b) a community
c) an ecosystem
d) a biosphere

Which of the following includes both biotic and abotic parts?
a) Ecosystem
b) community
c) organism
d) population

Which of the following involves just biotic parts?
a) community
b) ecosystem
c) biosphere
d) biome

What word translate to life sphere or life ball?
a) biosphere
b) biome
c) bioball
d) ecosystem

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