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Marketing, as a business function, is _____.
a) encouraging customers to purchase products.
b) none of these
c) creating and maintaining satisfying exchange relationships.
d) another term for grocery shopping.

The elements of the marketing mix are _____.
a) Product, distribution, price, and promotion
b) Planning, distribution, price, and advertising
c) Purchasing, distribution, financing, and price
d) Purchasing, planning, advertising, and distribution

The goods or services being offered for sale that satisfies consumer demand are called
a) price
b) placement
c) products
d) planning

Placement or distribution directly involves all of the following EXCEPT
a) Offering a discount to sell tickets
b) Allowing fans to order tickets online
c) Storing merchandise in a warehouse
d) Transporting goods to market

Advertisements are an example of which key function of marketing?
a) price
b) placement
c) product
d) promotion

Customer service hotlines have the primary function as an example of _____.
a) Marketing Information Management
b) Product Placement
c) Product/Service Management
d) Distribution

Direct and personal communication with customers to assess and satisfy their needs and to anticipate their future needs is called _____.
a) financing
b) advertisement
c) personal selling
d) promotion

An example of the financing function is when…
a) customers are provided with assistance in paying for season tickets by being put on a payment plan.
b) a discount is offered to lower the price of the product.
c) customers are offered to bundle goods and services for a better price.
d) refunds are given to an unhappy customer.

Which of the examples below is a pricing strategy used in sports marketing?
a) endorsements
b) selling tickets online
c) gross impression
d) discounts

Using advertising and other forms of communicating information about products, services, images, and ideas to promote future sales is called _____.
a) price
b) placement
c) promotion
d) product

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