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What is the relationship between ecological succession and equilibrium in an ecosystem?
a) Ecological succession helps maintain equilibrium in an ecosystem.
b) Ecological succession prevents ecosystems from ever reaching equilibrium.
c) There is no relationship between ecological succession and equilibrium.
d) Ecological succession and equilibrium are the same thing.

Which of the following situations contributes to stability in an ecosystem?
a) increase in biodiversity
b) reduction in biodiversity
c) extinction of a population from the ecosystem
d) removal of many populations of organisms

A species that is responsible for primary succession in an ecosystem is MOST likely able to-
a) survive any predator
b) migrate in the winter
c) live at high altitudes
d) carry out photosynthesis

Which plant would appear first in secondary succession?
a) shrubs
b) grasses
c) flowering plants
d) native trees

What is the MOST serious threat to biodiversity?
a) climate change
b) global warming
c) pollution
d) loss of natural habitat

The more diverse an ecosystem is-
a) the more threatened its populations are
b) the more similar the species will be
c) the more stable it is
d) the fewer varieites of species are present

After a hurricane hits the coast what will happen next?
a) a microhabitat
b) primary succession
c) secondary succession
d) biodiversity

What is the primary limiting factor in the desert?
a) elevation
b) space
c) food source
d) moisture

To find the area of a leaf, which tool would be used?
a) microscope
b) hand lens
c) ruler
d) balance

Which would be a sign of fertile soil?
a) Large mass of earthworms
b) Small mass of earthworms
c) Chunks of rocks
d) Small pieces of rock

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