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Which of the following would be a negative effect of the Columbian Exchange?
a) Gaining equestrian advantage
b) Exchange of plants and animals
c) Death due to contact with Europeans
d) Learning about another culture

Which of the following best describes why Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas?
a) His ships could not withstand the travel time and wrecked in the Americas
b) Because of poor navigation in seeking a westward route to India
c) He piloted wrong
d) He could not find a westward route to India and gave up.

What country was Christopher Columbus sailing on behalf of?
a) Britain
b) United States pays $3.25 million in war reparation
c) Spain
d) France

Which of the following did not occur in the year 1519?
a) Juan de Onate's settlement of New Mexico
b) Conquering of the Aztec Empire
c) Ferdinand Magellan's round the world voyage
d) Mapping of the Texas coast

Who is credited with the first round the world voyage?
a) Hernan Cortez
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Juan de Onate
d) Ferdinand Magellan

Which of the following is not one of the four types of Spanish settlements
a) missions
b) presidios
c) forts
d) settlements

Which of the following best describes what motivated Europeans to come to the New World?
a) gold, glory, and God
b) gold and glory
c) gold,glory, and steady pay
d) gold, U.S. citizenship, spread of Christianity

Where and who established the first settlement in North America?
a) Rene Robert de la Salle, east Texas
b) Father Massinet, west Texas
c) Juan de Onate, New Mexico
d) Aguayo, Texas

What did the French call their land in North America?
a) Little France
b) Louisiana
c) New France
d) French Territory

What did the Spanish build in west Texas that developed into a town?
a) Built a presidio, San Francisco de los Tejas
b) Build a settlement, Corpus Christi de la Ysalta
c) Build a mission, San Antonio de Valero
d) Built a mission, Corpus Christi de la Isleta

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