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The movement of people from one country to another?
a) migrate
b) immigrate
c) nomadic
d) urban

What is an ecosystem?
a) people living and working in cities
b) these are able to be regenerated by earth's natural processes
c) distinct areas with a common physical environment
d) all of an areas plants and animals together with the nonliving parts of their environment

What is longitude?
a) this divides the northern and southern hemisphere
b) Lines that run north and south and measure east and west of the prime meridian
c) Lines that run east and west and measure north and south of the equator
d) this divides eastern and western hemisphere

Culture can be described as?
a) related to the country
b) a learned system of shared beliefs, traits, and values
c) the study of physical and human systems
d) the movement of people from one country, place, or location to another

What are nomads?
a) People who move from one country to another
b) people who move from one country, place, or location to another
c) People who travel from place to place
d) People who do not have a home at all

Which in the following list does not represent parts of a map?
a) compass rose, legend, scale
b) scale, compass rose, key
c) scale, key, directional indicator
d) theme, compass rose, scale

What type of resources can be generated by earth's natural processes'?
a) nonrenewable
b) regenerated
c) renewable
d) non-regenerated

Which line divides the northern and southern hemisphere
a) equator
b) prime meridian
c) longitude
d) latitude

Someone who lives and works in the city is described as living a what lifestyle?
a) rural
b) urban
c) country
d) migrated

The highest altitude point in Texas is?
a) Edwards Plateau
b) High Plains
c) Intermountain Basin and Plateau
d) Guadalupe Peak

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