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Which area of readiness means graduating from high school ready to do first year college work?
a) Admissions
b) Personal/Social
c) Academic
d) Career

Which area of readiness means meeting all requirements for admission into college?
a) Financial
b) Career
c) Academic
d) Admissions

Which area of readiness means understanding the relationship between education and income and opportunity?
a) Academic
b) Financial
c) Career
d) Admissions

Which area of readiness means you are able to cover the cost of your 1st semester at college?
a) Personal / Social
b) Admissions
c) Career
d) Financial

Which area of readiness means you are ready for the personal and social challenges of college?
a) Admissions
b) Financial
c) Personal / Social
d) Academic

What is a core course?
a) A course that is specifically required.
b) A driving test.
c) An extracurricular activity.
d) A course that will provide elective credits.

What is a hard skill?
a) A skill that is difficult.
b) The opposite of soft.
c) Academic skills that help individuals be successful at college.
d) A skill that will not break.

What is a soft skill?
a) A skill that is warm and fuzzy.
b) The opposite of hard.
c) Personal and social skills and habits that helpg individuals be successful
d) A skill that is soft to the touch

What is an essay?
a) A short piece of writing on a particular subject.
b) Something that you eat.
c) A short answer
d) Items that must be matched.

What is globalization
a) The process whereby the world is getting smaller as it is getting interconnected in many ways.
b) An illness
c) A form of a globe.
d) A large company.

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