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What is a verb?
a) A word thar describes a noun.
b) A phrase of words that describes a strong emotion.
c) A word, or a series of words that describe action or state of being.
d) A shoe.

Which of the following is true of verbs.
a) They can be written in phrases.
b) They can describe colors and temperatures.
c) They join two independent clauses together.
d) Verbs are persons, places, or things.

Which of the following words are considered an action verb?
a) colorfully
b) is
c) has
d) measures

Which of the following is considered a state of being verb?
a) running
b) being
c) wrapping
d) drinking

Which of the following verbs is an unseen action?
a) dribbling
b) writing
c) sobbing
d) appreciating

Which of the following verbs is an unseen action?
a) loving
b) scratching
c) combing
d) cooking

Which of the following is a verb which can be seen?
a) hating
b) being
c) dreaming
d) twirling

Which of the folowing sentences includes a state of being verb?
a) During the winter months, the weather is chilly and cold.
b) The snow fell on her hair making it damp and ugly.
c) She combed her hair to make herself more attractive.
d) Her chapped lips cracked in the frigid wind.

Which of the following sentences contains an action verb.
a) His garage band is terribly loud.
b) Their music sounds as awesome as a German polka band.
c) They were fired from their gig at the pizza parlor.
d) This was a hard blow to their fragile egos.

Which verb finishes this sentence: If I can pass this test I go to the movies with my friends tonight.
a) search
b) dance
c) can
d) pass

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