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This is why oceanic crust sinks at convergent boundaries.
a) higher density
b) higher temperature
c) lower density
d) lower temperature

Type of climate where chemical weathering is fastest.
a) warm and wet
b) cold and wet
c) warm and dry
d) cold and dry

The breaking down of a cliff.
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) ice wedging
d) non of the above

As magma cools at the mid ocean ridge it...
a) aligns to the earth's magnetism
b) hardens into metammorphic rock
c) is pushed down due to the denisty of the ocean water.
d) it is weathered by the ocean water

The longest era
a) precambrian
b) paleozoic
c) mesozoic
d) cenozoic

The era with epochs
a) cenozoic
b) mesozoic
c) paleozoic
d) precambrian

Age of the reptiles
a) mesozoic
b) paleozoic
c) cenozoic
d) precambiran

Wegner proposed
a) continental drift
b) plate tectonics
c) seafloor spreading
d) evolution

Plate tectonics explains why
a) earthquakes occur
b) volcanoes occur
c) mountain formation
d) all of the these

Agent of erosion include
a) water
b) wind
c) gravity
d) all of these

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