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Which of the following statements is a characteristic of science?
a) Science helps to confirm scientists’ personal beliefs
b) Science proposes permanent answers to questions
c) Science deals with supernatural forces
d) Science is based on measurable and observable data

Which of the following is the best example of a hypothesis?
a) Because of the earth’s rotation.
b) Is fertilizer good for corn?
c) It has more air therefore it will have density.
d) The higher the voltage, the brighter the bulb will glow

The statement “The flower has five petals” is an example of:
a) A quantitative observation.
b) A hypothesis.
c) A qualitative observation.
d) An inference

A control group is important in experimental research to:
a) Complete the experiment.
b) Provide a group for comparison for the experiment.
c) Provide an extra source of organisms if case some die or are sick.
d) Give a method for controlling the rate of the experiment

When experimenting with living organisms, it is common to use many organisms in your experiment because:
a) Some of the organisms will not survive and need to be replaced.
b) Using many organisms will allow the experimenter to discover possible problems in the procedure.
c) Using many organisms will account for individual variation among organisms in the experiment.
d) Using many organisms will improve the chance of having a correct hypothesis

A constant in an experiment is/are:
a) The name for the object being tested
b) The variable that is measured in order to collect data.
c) The variable that is used for the standard of comparison
d) The variables that may affect the outcome of an experiment that are NOT changed.

The cell membrane is made primarily of:
a) phospholipids
b) proteins
c) carbohydrates
d) cellulose

What is the primary function of the cell membrane?
a) To provide structure and rigidity for the cell
b) To regulate what enters and leaves the cell
c) To absorb and reflect sunlight for the cell
d) To allow the cell to move and breath

In comparing the use of energy in passive transport and active transport, which of the following is true?
a) Passive transport requires energy while active transport does not.
b) Active transport requires energy while passive transport does not.
c) Both active and passive transport require cellular energy.
d) Neither active or passive transport require energy from the cell.

A system in which equal numbers of particles are passing through a membrane in both directions is:
a) Creating a concentration gradient.
b) Performing active transport.
c) In equilibrium.
d) None of these

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