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Which list of elements contains only metals?
a) iodine, carbon, argon
b) helium, iron, copper
c) tin, copper, cesium
d) carbon, iodine, tin

Which general statement does NOT apply to metals?
a) Most metals are good conductors of electric current.
b) Most metals are ductile.
c) Most metals are malleable.
d) Most metals are brittle.

Atoms of the most reactive elements tend to have
a) no valence electrons.
b) one or seven valence electrons.
c) four or five valence electrons.
d) eight valence electrons.

As you move from left to right across a period, the number of valence electrons
a) increases then decreases
b) stays the same.
c) increases
d) decreases.

The tendency of an element to react is closely related to
a) the ratio of protons to neutrons in atoms of the element.
b) attractions between its atoms.
c) its atomic mass.
d) the number of valence electrons in atoms of the element.

In an electron dot diagram, the symbol for an element is used to represent
a) the nucleus and all non-valence electrons.
b) the nucleus.
c) the nucleus and valence electrons.
d) the nucleus and all electrons.

The formation of an ionic bond involves the
a) sharing of electrons.
b) transfer of electrons.
c) transfer of neutrons.
d) transfer of protons.

Which phrase best describes a metallic bond?
a) the attraction between a metal anion and a shared pool of electrons
b) a bond that is formed by a metal
c) the attraction between a metal cation and a shared pool of electrons
d) a bond that forms between a metal and a nonmetal

A vertical column on the periodic table is called
a) period
b) section
c) row
d) group

Your favorite teacher is....
a) Mrs. Simpson
b) Mr. Stanley
c) Mr. Rodgers
d) Mrs. Hensley

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