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Which of the following are pure substances?
a) compounds
b) solutions
c) homogeneous mixtures
d) colloids

A substance that is made up of only one kind of atom is a(an)
a) solution.
b) element.
c) homogeneous mixture.
d) compound.

If a material contains three elements that are bonded, it is a(an)
a) mixture.
b) atom.
c) compound.
d) solution.

Which of the following is a characteristic of a mixture?
a) has varying properties
b) has a fixed composition
c) contains only pure substances
d) both 1 and 2

A mixture that appears to contain only one substance is a(an)
a) homogeneous mixture.
b) compound.
c) heterogeneous mixture.
d) element.

Which of the following has the highest viscosity?
a) Water
b) Milk
c) Corn Syrup
d) Orange Juice

A material that is malleable and conducts electricity is most likely
a) Ice
b) Wood
c) Metal
d) Motor Oil

Filtration can be used to separate mixtures based on
a) their densities.
b) the size of their particles.
c) their boiling points.
d) their melting points.

When a physical change in a sample occurs, which of the following does NOT change?
a) volume
b) temperature
c) Shape
d) Composition

Which of the following is a chemical change?
a) ice being carved
b) water breaking down into hydrogen and oxygen
c) ice melting
d) water boiling

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