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Type of graph that shows a relationship between two variables
a) Pie
b) Other
c) Line
d) Bar

How are science and technology related?
a) science and technology are not related
b) Advances in science may lead to advances in technology and vice versa
c) Science is a branch of technology
d) Technology is a branch of natural science

Which of the following is NOT a branch of natural science?
a) social science
b) Earth and space science
c) life science
d) physical science

What are the building blocks of all matter?
a) forces
b) kinetic and potential energy
c) magnetic fields
d) atoms

What is a physical or mental representation of an object or an event?
a) a model
b) a theory
c) a scientific law
d) a hypothesis

What is the most important safety rule?
a) Always follow your teacher’s instructions and textbook directions exactly.
b) Never do experiments that involve flames or hot objects.
c) Never work with chemicals.
d) Always use unbreakable glassware.

How is 0.00069 written in scientific notation?
a) 6.9 x 10^4
b) 69 x 10^–5
c) 6.9 x 10^negative 4
d) 0.69 x 10^–3

Which of the following conversion factors would you use to change 18 kilometers to meters?
a) 100 m/1 km
b) 1000 m/1 km
c) 1 km/100 m
d) 1 km/1000 m

On the Celsius scale, at what temperature does water boil?
a) 212°
b) 0°
c) 32°
d) 100°

The type of graph used to show how a part of something relates to the whole is which of the following?
a) Line graph
b) direct proportion
c) pie graph
d) bar graph

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