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Where does digestion begin?
a) stomach
c) small intestine
d) mouth

What are the structures in the small intestine called that absorb the nutrients?
a) Villians
c) Villi
d) Sponges

What is the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach?
a) small intestine
c) large intestine
d) esophagus

What organ breaks down food into a
a) stomach
b) small intestine
c) esophagus

What carries the nutrients from the small intestine to the cells?
a) Blood
b) Villi
c) Saliva

What molecule does the cell use for energy?
a) CO2
b) H2O
c) ATP

What sugar from food does the cell break down to get energy to make ATP?
a) lactose
b) glucose
c) sucrose

What process does the cell NORMALLY use to recharge ATP?
a) cell respiration
b) fermentation
c) photosynthesis

What is the ability to do work called?
a) Function
b) Potential
c) Energy

What organ in the digestive system is responsible for absorbing the nutrients from food?
a) Small intestine
b) Mouth
c) Stomach

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