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Font size is the height of an uppercase letter in the font set and it is usually measured in
a) points
b) pixels
c) dots
d) leaders

The width of the stroke for a drawn object is also referred to as its
a) path
b) mark-up
c) weight
d) shadow

The action of adjusting the magnification of a file by a percentage of its actual size is
a) weighting
b) shadowing
c) flipping
d) zooming

A decorative effect for text where the first letter of a paragraph is much larger than the caharacters in the paragraph is a (an)
a) masthead
b) drop cap
c) logo
d) toggle

An area outside the edges of a publication where text and graphics may be stored temporarily is
a) text box
b) masthead
c) logo
d) scratch area

Printing lines that can be inserted before or after a paragraph of text are
a) horizontal lines
b) frames
c) toggles
d) mastheads

A feature or command that can be turned on or off is called
a) template
b) clipboard
c) toggles
d) points

A standard setting or mode of operation is called
a) default
b) process
c) opacity
d) gradient

Which term refers to a symbol or graphic that is used to represent a company?
a) masthead
b) template
c) logo
d) table of contents

Individual colored dots that make up a bitmap image are called
a) points
b) toggles
c) pixels
d) gradients

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