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To measure work, you need the following quantities:
a) force, time
b) force, power
c) force, distance
d) distance, time

If a person lifts a 200 newton weight a total of 4 meters, the work done is:
a) 196 joules
b) 800 joules
c) 50 joules
d) 204 joules

If a person holds a 200 newton weight in their hand motionless, the work done is:
a) impossible to determine
b) 200 joules
c) none whatsoever (due to the hand not moving)
d) 14 joules on Monday, 34 joules on any other day

Power is the rate at which _____ is done.
a) force
b) work
c) distance
d) listening to music loudly

If a person climbs 20 meters of stairs weighing 500 N in 10 seconds, the power generated is equal to:
a) 100 watts
b) 1,000 watts
c) 10 watts
d) 100,000 watts

If a student weighing 700 newtons climbs a 5 meter flight of stairs quickly, how will their power compare to that of a 100 watt light bulb?
a) their power will be greater
b) their power will be much less
c) their power will be exactly the same
d) their power will be zero

Which of the following is not a state of matter?
a) solid
b) liquid
c) cube
d) gas

If one drops red food coloring in different temperature water, which temperature will yield the quickest complete coloring of water?
a) 40 degrees celsius
b) 30 degrees celsius
c) 20 degrees celsius
d) 10 degrees celsius

Which of the following best describes an independent variable?
a) what is measured as a result of what was purposely changed in the experiment
b) what is purposely changed in the experiment
c) what is kept the same in an experiment
d) when a variable moves into an apartment

Which of the following is NOT part of a well written, four part conclusion?
a) Support with data
b) Restate Hypothesis
c) 3 observations
d) Answer the purpose

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