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A seesaw is an excellent example of a ______________.
a) first class lever
b) no class lever
c) third class lever
d) second class lever

A zipline tour utilizes this type of pulley:
a) fixed
b) block and tickle
c) block and tackle
d) movable

A commonly used wedge in the kitchen is a _______.
a) spatula
b) egg whisk
c) knife
d) spoon

Which of the following best describes a compound machine?
a) When you utilize a lever as your simple machine.
b) When you utilize an inclined plane as your simple machine.
c) When you have a simple machine that assists with chemical reactions.
d) When you combine several simple machines to make a more complex machine.

What are the two forces used to determine the mechanical advantage of a machine?
a) input, sideput
b) input, output
c) sideput, throughput
d) input, throughput

To calculate mechanical advantage, use the following equation:
a) Input Force/Output Force
b) Input Force/Input Force
c) Output Force/Output Force
d) Output Force/Input Force

The mechanical advantage of a machine with input force of 8 N, and output force of 40 N is _____.
a) 0.2
b) 32
c) 320
d) 5

Determine the mechanical advantage of a ramp with height 3 m, and length of 30 m.
a) 0.10
b) 27
c) 90
d) 10

Which of the following machines would make it the easiest to move a 100 lb TV?
a) A machine with mechanical advantage of 0.5.
b) A machine with mechanical advantage of 5.75.
c) A machine with mechanical advantage of 4.
d) A machine with mechanical advantage of 2.

As someone increases the height of an inclined plane, what happens to the mechanical advantage?
a) It stays the same.
b) The mechanical advantage disappears.
c) The mechanical advantage decreases.
d) The mechanical advantage increases.

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