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Which of the following thing is a helpful thing bacteria can do?
a) Give plants nitrogen
b) Make us sick
c) Give us food poisoning
d) All of the above

What does it mean that a virus needs a HOST to replicate?
a) They bring another cell into their own to make more viruses
b) They go into your body and just start replicating
c) They need to take over another cell to make more viruses

An example of a pathogen is:
a) Bacteria
b) Fungi
c) Virus
d) All of the above

This type of disease is caused by pathogens
a) Communicable
b) Virus
c) Bacteria
d) Non-communicable

Which of the following diseases is not caused by pathogens?
a) Communicable
b) Virus
c) Bacteria
d) Non-communicable

An example of a communicable disease is
a) Chicken Pox
b) Ring Worm
c) The flu
d) All of the above

Which category of pathogens causes strep throat?
a) Virus
b) Bacteria
c) Fungus
d) Parasite

Which is a characteristic of a virus?
a) Obtains energy from sunlight
b) Responds to light and temperature
c) Doesn't contain DNA
d) Reproduces only within cells

Which statement about bacteria is not true?
a) Bacteria reproduce using binary fission
b) Bacteria do not have a nucleus
c) Bacteria do not contain genetic material
d) Bacteria are either rod-, round- or spiral- shaped

A fluid containing weakened disease-causing viruses or bacteria is
a) a filter
b) a diatom
c) a bacteriophage
d) a vaccine

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