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The kind of energy that muscles use to contract is
a) chemical
b) electrical
c) heat

Layers of connective tissue extending into the muscle to form partitions between muscle bundles are continuous with attachments of muscle to periosteum called
a) ligaments
b) tendons
c) aponeuroses
d) elastin

The union between a nerve fiber and a muscle fiber is the
a) motor neuron
b) motor end plate
c) neuromuscular junction
d) neurotransmitter

When the cross-bridge of the myosin molecule forms linkages with actin filaments, the result is
a) shortening of the muscle fiber
b) membrane polarization
c) release of acetylcholine

The ion necessary to link myosin and actin is
a) sodium
b) calcium
c) magnesium
d) potassium

A person feels out of breath after vigorous exercise because of oxygen debt. Which of the following statements helps explain this phenomenon?
a) anaerobic respiration increases during strenuous activity
b) all choices are correct
c) conversion of lactic acid to glycogen occurs in the liver and requires energy
d) priority in energy use is given to ATP synthesis

The strength of a muscle contraction in response to different levels of stimulation is determined by the
a) level of stimulation delivered to individual muscle fibers
b) number of fibers that respond in each motor unit
c) number of motor units stimulated
d) characteristics of each muscle group

The period of time between a stimulus to a muscle and muscle response is called the
a) latent period
b) contraction
c) refractory period

Muscle tone refers to
a) a state of sustained, partial contraction of muscles that is necessary to maintain posture
b) a feeling of well-being following exercise
c) the ability of a muscle to maintain contraction against an outside force
d) the condition athletes attain after intensive training

Peristalsis is due to which of the following characteristics of smooth muscle?
a) capacity of smooth muscle fibers to excite each other
b) automaticity
c) rhythmicity
d) both rhythmicity and the capacity of smooth muscle fibers to excite each other

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