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Which chart will BEST represent the percentage of expenses for office supplies, salaries, and travel for a comany\\\'s total budget?
a) Pie
b) Line
c) Stacked bar
d) XY scatter

WHich function can a credit card company use to determine the time that has elapsed since a customer\\\'s payment was received
a) DAYS360
b) Count
c) Now
d) CountA

If Jake wants to study the relationship between the daily temperature and the amount of fruit sold during a week what
a) line
b) pie
c) stacked bar
d) XY CountA

A stacked bar chart was created to represent the total sales of each employee over a four months ago
a) gridlines
b) chart title
c) data series
d) chart title

Which chart will represent each person\'s contribution to the total household budget over a period of six months?
a) stacked bar
b) pie
c) exploded pie
d) XY scatter

If Jake wants to find out if the size of a fruit has any effect on the total sales for the week of that particular fruit, what chart should he use?
a) XY scatter
b) stacked bar
c) pie
d) column

Which chart will best represent the effect of increasing the frequency of a company's radio advertisements on sales?
a) column
b) stacked bar
c) XY scatter
d) pie

A chart is created that compares the number of units for products A and B sold for three months, Which data appears on the y-axis?
a) Units sold
b) Months
c) Products
d) Sales

When creating a chart to analyze the effect of oil prices on the cost of stocks, which data will appear on the x-axis
a) Oil prices
b) Months
c) Stock prices
d) Stock names

A spreadsheet is created with drop down items that a user can select from. This is an examle of which function?
a) List
b) LookUP
c) Fill Series
d) Count

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