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What is an excessive amount of time to worry about a stressful event?
a) 1 week
b) 2 weeks
c) 4 weeks
d) 8 weeks

What can be done to help with post traumatic stress?
a) Go crazy.
b) Talk to someone about your fears.
c) Eat a bunch of food.
d) Ignore it.

Who might have the hardet time dealing with post-stress-trauma?
a) The elderly
b) Adults
c) Teenagers
d) Children

What should you not do after a traumatic event?
a) Listen to others express their fears.
b) Blame a specific racial group.
c) Allow worried people to ask questions.
d) Model calm and controlled reactions.

What are some trustworthy groups of people?
a) Police
b) All of the above
c) Firefighters
d) Military

What are some indicators of stress?
a) Anxiety
b) All of the above
c) Anger
d) Grief

What should schools do?
a) Assign a lot of homework
b) Tell children to snap out of it.
c) Limit tests, and major projects
d) Allow children to roam the hallways

What should you do with children who have excessive fears?
a) Give them more chores.
b) Give them more homework.
c) Refer them to someone who is trained to deal with post-traumatic stress issues.
d) Tell them to snap out of it.

What would NOt be a good outlet for helping after the post-traumatic stress event?
a) Making get well cards
b) Writing thank you notes to the emergency personnel that was involves.
c) Watching the event over and over and over again.
d) Writing letters to the families and survivors

What are some things you can do with your family?
a) Play games
b) All of the above
c) Reading together
d) Exercise

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