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The type of power that is based on the ability to control rewards and punishments is called:
a) Position power
b) Identity power
c) Reward power
d) Expert power

The type of power that is given to people because others identify with and want to be accepted by them:
a) Position power
b) Identity power
c) Reward power
d) Expert power

In a situation where two or more people work together to create a better solution than either could alone is called:
a) Win-win situation
b) Win-win solution
c) Synergy
d) All of these

This occurs when an organization produces needed goods or services quickly and at a low cost:
a) Productivity
b) Efficiency
c) Effectiveness
d) All of these

What is business confidentiality?
a) Keeping sensitive company information a secret
b) A collection of principles and rules that define right and wrong
c) An established plan detailing ethics
d) An unethical activity

What are some problems that persist in Business today?
a) Discrimination and ethical conduct
b) Crime and violence
c) Environmental protection
d) All of these

Population is determined by:
a) Gross Domestic Product
b) Changes in addresses
c) Birth rate
d) None of these

Labor force means:
a) The strength of the people working
b) The % of the work force that is either employed or actively seeking employment
c) A company that helps people find jobs
d) People aged 16+ who are available for work whether employed or unemployed

The % of Americans that live in poverty are:
a) 10-15%
b) 12-15%
c) 5-7%
d) No Americans live in poverty

Comparable worth means:
a) An invisible barrier to job advancement
b) Equal pay for identical job requirements for men and women
c) Equal pay for similar but not identical job requirements
d) None of these

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