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Investment in physical capital by businesses or countries will increases their economies
a) True
b) False
c) No effect

Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism all led to __________
a) Cold War
b) WWI
d) Vietnam War

The United States imposes a tax on all imports from Japan. This is called a __________
a) quota
b) embargo
c) tariff
d) subsidy

Investment in human capital will ________________ a countries economy(GDP)
a) increase
b) decrease
c) do nothing to
d) lower

The beginning of WWI started after the assassination of __________________
a) Adolph Hitler
b) Joseph Stalin
c) Vladimir Lenin
d) Franz Ferdinand

____________ is a natural resource
a) Phones
b) Power lines
c) Pizza
d) Coal

________________ and ________________ led to the Russian Revolution which got rid of Czar Nicholas II
a) Oil surplus, coal loss
b) food shortages, workers striking
d) Militarism, imperialism

______________ or war damages had to be paid by Germany after WWI
a) Reciprosity
b) Rehabilitation
c) Reparations
d) Recooperation

Employee training, education, and health insurance are considered _______________
a) Human capital
b) Capital goods
c) Physical capital
d) Natural resources

The US didn't join the League of Nations because ______________________
a) dues were too high
b) Germany was also a member
c) it went against US interest
d) they didn't have a clubhouse

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