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Sparta was best known for what?
a) Slavery
b) Democratic government
c) Oligarchy
d) Military power

Which government body best illustrates the principles and practice of direct democracy in ancient Athens?
a) The assembly
b) The court system
c) The council
d) The phalanx

Which group of ancient Greek women had greater freedom?
a) Slave women
b) Metic women
c) Athenian women
d) Spartan women

People who lived in ______________ influenced early civilization in Greece.
a) Crete
b) Mount Olympus
c) Ionia
d) Troy

Early Greek civilization was brought to an end by the ___________.
a) Dorians
b) Minoans
c) Ionians
d) Trojans

What feature of Greek geography made city-states very independent of each other?
a) peninsulas
b) lack of good soil
c) coastline
d) mountain ranges

This was the most powerful group in Sparta’s government.
a) The helots
b) The citizen assembly
c) The army
d) The council of elders

The type of government in which the “best” people inherited the right to rule a Greek city-state was called a(n) _________________.
a) aristocracy
b) polis
c) acropolis
d) kingdom

In the epic poem the Iliad, the poet Homer told the story of a long war the early Greeks waged against ______________.
a) Corinth
b) Knossos
c) Ionia
d) Troy

The ancient Greek form of government in which one leader ruled with the people’s support was called _______________.
a) aristocracy
b) representative democracy
c) direct democracy
d) tyranny

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