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NASA’s land vehicle that transports rockets to the launch pad is called the:
a) mobile launch platform
b) crawler transporter
c) Liberty Star
d) Pegasus barge

The Orion crew exploration vehicle was designed to use:
a) only once
b) only twice with some refurbishment between flights
c) multiple times with no refurbishment between flights
d) multiple times with some refurbishment between flights

The action of two vehicles meeting in space is called :
a) docking
b) stacking
c) rendezvous
d) meeting up

The action of two vehicles coming together in space as one spacecraft is called:
a) docking
b) stacking
c) rendezvous
d) meeting up

The “tools” NASA uses to be sure that all systems are ready for the next step in the transportation cycle are
a) assembly manuals
b) troubleshooting guides
c) astronaut notes
d) checklists

Before any large project can proceed, there must be a clear
a) set of system requirements
b) functional flow block diagram
c) operations manual based on requirements
d) operational concept document

What type of decision making structure does NASA use?
a) total quality
b) gantt
c) fishbone
d) board/panel

Formal program decisions are documented on/in
a) program directives
b) engineering notebooks
c) wall charts
d) operational concept document

Fill in the blank: Identify criteria and _________ and determine how these will affect the design process.
a) Constraints
b) Objectives
c) Elements
d) Products

Apply the______________ ____________ ___________to solve a problem.
a) Engineering Design Process
b) Universal System Process
c) Problem Solving Process
d) Engineering Problem Solving

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