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The constellation Program, and NASA’s Vision for Space Exploration was a goal set by
a) President Barack Obama
b) President George W. Bush
c) President Bill Clinton
d) President George H.W. Bush

In order to achieve the goal that was set by the president, engineers proposed
a) 1 new launch vehicle
b) 2 new launch vehicles
c) 3 new launch vehicles
d) 4 new launch vehicles

The rocket proposed to launch humans into space was called proposed
a) Orion
b) Altair
c) Ares 1
d) Ares V

In order to save money, NASA proposed to use the best technologies from the
a) Gemini Program
b) Apollo Program
c) Space Shuttle Program
d) Apollo and Space Shuttle Program

Space exploration has encouraged the development of new technologies that have resulted in many
a) trade offs
b) spin offs
c) blow offs
d) tech offs

The four means of intermodal transportation are water, _______, air and space.
a) sea
b) land
c) earth's orbit
d) railway

Intermodal transportation is the use of different modes of transportation to move _______________ easily from one mode to another.
a) Cargo and animals
b) Natural resources
c) people and goods
d) luggage and mail

Transportation systems impact the operation of which of the following technologies?
a) manufacturing
b) construction
c) communication
d) all of the above

Which of the following is not a type of land transportation systems?
a) railway
b) automobiles
c) aircraft carrier
d) pipeline

Which of the following means of transportation allow for the largest cargo capability?
a) Air
b) Water
c) Land
d) Space

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