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Which of the following is NOT an example of mechanical weathering?
a) freezing and thawing
b) release of pressure
c) animal action
d) water

Which of the following is NOT an example of chemical weathering?
a) water
b) release of pressure
c) carbon dioxide
d) acid rain

What do we call anything in the environment that humans can use?
a) crop rotation
b) conservation plowing
c) soil
d) natural resource

What are the two most important factors that determine the rate at which weathering takes place?
a) color of rock and size
b) type of rock and size
c) type of rock and climate
d) color of rock and climate

What do you call it when a farmer plants different crops in a field each year?
a) crop rotation
b) bedrock
c) conservation plowing
d) contour plowing

What do you call it when dead weeds and stalks of the previous year's crop are plowed into the ground to help return nutrients, retain moisture, and hold soil in place?
a) air conservation
b) conservation plowing
c) contour plowing
d) crop rotation

What is the dark-colored substance that forms as plant and animal remains decay?
a) bedrock
b) decomposers
c) humus
d) loam

What horizon is subsoil found in?
a) A horizon
b) bedrock
c) C horizon
d) B horizon

Poor farming practices, wind, and drought let to this event that took place in the 1930s?
a) Dirt Devil
b) Dust Devil
c) Dirt Bowl
d) Dust Bowl

What do you call the process that breaks down rock through chemical changes?
a) mechanical weathering
b) plant growth
c) freezing and thawing
d) chemical weathering

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