8th Grade Exam 6 Question Preview (ID: 1210)

Semester Exam Review Part 6. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The law of conservation of momentum states that when two objects collide, their combined momentum
a) remains the same after the collision
b) decreases after the collision
c) increases after
d) cannot be determined after the collision

What is the term for all the combined forces acting on an object?
a) net force
b) net energy
c) net motion
d) net direction

Which is not an action/rection force pair?
a) the force between two cars at rest
b) the force between a bat and a ball
c) the force of gravity between a falling object and Earth
d) the force between a rabbit and the ground

What must you know to find the momentum of an object?
a) mass and velocity
b) mass and acceleration
c) acceleration and force
d) velocity and time

The amount of a substance does NOT affect ....
a) the temperature of the substance
b) the volume of the substance
c) the mass of the substance
d) the number of particles that make up the substance

Energy that is lost during an energy transfer ususally
a) increases disorder in a system
b) increases order in a system
c) reorganizes the system
d) increases energy in a system

Insulation is needed to prevent what?
a) the unwanted transfer of thermal energy into or out of a building
b) the collapse of ceilings in homes
c) the loss of thermal energy inside a building in the summer
d) the gain of thermal energy inside a building in the winter

Which of the following is NOT rue of a passive solar heating system?
a) It uses pumps and fans to distribute thermal energy
b) It relies on a building's design and materials to use energy
c) It does not have moving parts
d) it utilizes thick walls and large windows that face south

obtaining information by using the senses
a) observation
b) hypothesis
c) scientific methods
d) data

a possible explanation or answer to a question
a) hypothesis
b) data
c) scientific methods
d) observation

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