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Which of these products mined in Virginia, is likely to contain fossils?
a) granite
b) sand
c) limestone
d) coal

Which of these parts of a saber-toothed cat was most likely to become fossilized?
a) hair
b) skin
c) muscles
d) jaws

Jellyfish have rarely been fossilized because they
a) have soft bodies
b) contain no carbon compounds
c) are very rare animals
d) are not old enough to be fossils

Volcanic ash has occasionally formed molds of animals. This occurs when the ash covers the animal and
a) replaces the animal's soft tissues
b) enters the animal's bpdy cavity
c) hardens before the animal decays
d) mineralizes the animal's bones

Ancient mammoths have been found so well-preserved that the flesh could be eaten. What do you think preserved the mammoths in such a perfect state?
a) Water
b) Ice
c) Leaf mold
d) Carbon dioxide

Which of the following most likely results in the formation of a fossil?
a) A Mesozoic clam lies exposed on the surface of the sea floor.
b) A Mesozoic clam is washed up onto the beach.
c) A Mesozoic clam is eaten by a large predatory fish.
d) A Mesozoic clam is buried by a mudslide.

At the top of Mt. Everest,climbers have found fossilized marine shells. Which statement is the best inference about the origin of the Himalayan Mountains?
a) The Himalayan Mountains were formed by volcanic activity.
b) Sea level has been lowered more than 29,000 feet since the shells were fossilized.
c) The bedrock containing the fossil shells is part of an uplifted seafloor.
d) The Himalayan Mountains formed at a divergent plate boundary.

Which of these is the best evidence that the Earth's crust has undergone some major changes?
a) The location of major rivers.
b) The amount of available water on Earth.
c) The presence of marine fossils in mountain rock.
d) The arrival of the vernal equinox.

More often than metamorphic or igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks have
a) many holes from trapped gases
b) large quartz crystals
c) numerous fossils
d) a glassy appearance

Earth's fossil record show evidence that
a) very few life-forms have become extinct
b) life-forms existed on land before life-forms existed in water
c) more complex life-forms have probably evolved from less complex life-forms
d) older bedrock contains a greater variety of life-forms, while younger bedrock contains less variety of life-forms

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