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Which of the following is not a fixed cost in a break-even analysis?
a) Cost of Good Sold
b) Salary
c) Advertising
d) Rent

A written statement meant to inform the media of an even or product
a) press release
b) advertisement
c) slogan
d) billboard

The act of establishing a favorable relationship with customers and the general public
a) public relations
b) publicity
c) marketing
d) advertising

Age, marital status, family size, ethnicity
a) demographics
b) psychographics
c) geographics
d) graphics

Investors make financing decisions based on
a) how well the entrepreneur can meet their objectives
b) personality of entrepreneur
c) length of the business plan presentation
d) whether they like the business or not

An accounting report that describes the way cash flows into and out of a business over a period of time
a) cash flow statement
b) breakeven analysis
c) income statement
d) sales forecast

If you purchase a building rather than lease/rent it - you monthly payments will be
a) higher
b) lower
c) the same

A cover letter begins with
a) a heading and an introduction
b) a heading and an argument
c) a table of contents
d) an appendix

Original, creative work of an artist or inventor and may include songs, novels, artistic designs and inventions
a) intellectual property
b) license
c) trademark
d) patent

Which is not a part of a pro forma income statement
a) profit margin
b) revenue
c) gross profit
d) operating expenses

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