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Conductivity in a metal results from the metal atoms having
a) high electronegativity
b) high ionization energy
c) highly mobile protons in the nucleus
d) highly mobile electrons in the valence shell

Which is the formula for sodium perchlorate?
a) NaClO
b) NaClO2
c) NaClO3
d) NaClO4

Which compound contains only ionic bonds?
a) HNO3
b) NH4Cl
c) H2O
d) Na2O

As a bond between a hydrogen atom and a sulfur atom is formed, electrons are
a) shared to form an ionic bond
b) shared to form an covalent bond
c) transferred to form an ionic bond
d) transferred to form a covalent bond

When a chemical bond is broken, energy is
a) absorbed, only
b) released, only
c) both absorbed and released
d) neither absorbed nor released

When combining with nonmetallic atoms, metallic atoms generally will
a) lose electrons and form negative ions
b) lose electrons and form positive ions
c) gain electrons and form negative ions
d) gain electrons and form positive ions

Which of these elements has an atom with the most stable outer electron configuration?
a) Ne
b) Cl
c) Ca
d) Na

Which compound would most likely have the greatest ionic character?
a) CO
b) KF
c) CaO
d) LiH

As energy is released during the formation of a bond, the stability of the chemical system generally
a) decrease
b) increase
c) remain the same

Which type of bond exists between an atom of hydrogen and an atom of fluorine?
a) ionic
b) covalent
c) polar covalent
d) nonpolar covalent

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