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definition: a standstill resulting from the oppositionof two equal forces or factions; to bring to such a standstill
a) circumspect
b) spurious
c) deadlock
d) muddle

definition: stubborn and often unreasonablein holding to one's own ideas, having a closed mind
a) opinionated
b) predispose
c) unbridled
d) breach

definition: uncontrolled, lacking in restraint
a) unbridled
b) perennial
c) dilemma
d) brigand

definition: to caution or advise against something; to scold mildly; to remind of a duty
a) cumbersome
b) relinquish
c) efface
d) admonish

definition: scattered fragments, wreckage
a) diffuse
b) debris
c) salvage
d) commandeer

defintion; lasting for a long time, persistent; a plant that lives for many years
a) perennial
b) spurious
c) breach
d) debris

definition: clumsy, hard to handle; slow-moving
a) cumbersome
b) spasmodic
c) cumbersome
d) unbriddled

definition: to make a mess of; to get by; a hopeless mess
a) debris
b) muddle
c) efface
d) salvage

definition; not genuine, not true, not vaild
a) spurious
b) spasmodic
c) relinquish
d) diffuse

definition; an opening, gap, rupture, rift; a violation or infraction; to create an opening, break through
a) brigand
b) debris
c) spasmodic
d) breach

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