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Salt is a mineral comprised mainly of the two elements, sodium and chloride.
a) bromine and astatine
c) arsenic and tellurium
d) sodium and chloride.

Was salt used as a monetary exchange?
a) Yes, it was. Roman soldiers were paid in saltThe word salary comes from the Latin world salarium, wh
c) Not, it wasn\'t.The early Romans controlled the price of money to fund their wars.
d) No, it wasn\'t. Salt was never difficult to come by and it wasn\'t a highly valued item of trade.

What was the \
a) It was an act to celebrate the British control of the trade of salt among British colonies.
c) It was a protest that didn\'t gain national appeal across regional and class barriers.
d) It was an act of non-violent protest to the British salt tax in Colonial India,

Which of the religious rituals involve the use of salt?
a) The Christian Church\'s rite of batism, invariably with the use of water.
c) The ritual of the corners of the home where newlyweds were to reside to dispel negative energy.
d) In Jewish, tradition, they ate the bread in salt at weddings.

A desalination plants separates saline water into two streams
a) one with a low concentration of dissolved salts, that is, the fresh water stream
c) both with a high concentration of dissolved salt.
d) which cannot be used as water supply in cities

Which of the following is a fascinating application of salt, handed down for generations?
a) The salt has incredible skin properties, it is commonly used on sunburns and cuts,
c) In mild solutions, it makes an excellent mouthwash, throat gargle or eye-wash.
d) It lowers cholesterol levels.

In Fuerteventura, a former salt production facility is located in
a) Morro Jable, next to IES Jandía School
b) the small fishing town of Las Salinas, near Caleta de Fuste
c) Puerto del Rosario

a) whose construction began in the late eighteenth century.
b) whose construction began in the late twentieth century.
c) whose construction began in the late nineteenth century.

a) the surrounding massive explosion of colours that makes a unique architectural figure.
b) its core lake that comes from the waters of the nearby coast.
c) the Rodríguez family as they have maintained the development of the salt lakes for over 50 years

a) due to the decline of fishing, cooling techniques and the competition from abroad,
b) because of the lack of employees.
c) because the facility is only link to the industry of canned fish

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