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osteophyte is technical term for :
a) bone spur
b) tooth
c) bone fracture
d) bone cancer

Insulin and glucagon are hormones released from which of the following anatomical structures?
a) liver
b) pancreas
c) adrenal gland
d) thyroid

which of the following joint classifications would be described as slightly moveable
a) synathrosis
b) diathrosis
c) amphiarthrosis
d) synovial

who is credited for developing and teaching swedish massage?
a) Hippocrates
b) Bonnie Prudden
c) Per Henrik Ling
d) Ruth Rice

When are we allowed an ethical breach of confidentiality with our clients information?
a) when we are placed in danger
b) When required by law or court order
c) suspicion of child abuse
d) all of the above

Massage typically raises cortisol in a client.
a) This statement is mostly true
b) This statement is mostly false
c) this statement is neither true nor false
d) Cortisol has nothing to do with massage

A 56y/o/ diabetic comes 4 appt. w/ deep pain in thigh,feels like it is on bone,feels nausea and feverish, you notice leg has reddness and swelling, what actions would you take
a) massage client and suggest an NSAID
b) massage client and advise to seek medical attention soon
c) cancel appt and send them home
d) cancel appt and instruct them to seek medical attention immediately

The client in aforementioned question is most likely suffering from which condition?
a) bursitis
b) myositis
c) osteomyelitis
d) fibromyalgia

What would you call a sudden and painful involuntary muscle contraction in a client?
a) spasm
b) convulsion
c) contracture
d) hypotonicity

When a client's skin is discolored with a bluish tint, this would be an indication of which body system dysfunction?
a) skin
b) nervous
c) muscular
d) cardiovascular

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