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A client states that you remind them of their mother or father this is a sign of_______
a) countertransferance
b) projection
c) transferance
d) instability

Tunia was orginally created for which form of massage
a) pediatric
b) geriatric
c) lymphatic
d) oncology

What do boundaries clarify
a) our needs and desires
b) our needs to protect ourselves
c) our needs to protect our clients
d) our personal limits and expectations

malpractice insurance is required by federal law
a) true
b) false
c) both a and b
d) none of the above

Rolfing was first named____________
a) neuromuscular therapy
b) polarity therapy
c) zero balancing
d) structural integration

What is the scientific benefit of aromatherapy in relation to allopathic medicine
a) relaxation
b) energgizing
c) antimicrobial
d) pain relief

A regular client has recently complained of pain in the arches of their feet, which of following health care providers should you refer your cleint to:
a) Physical Therapist
b) Chriopractor
c) Orothopedist
d) Podiatrist

What is the condition when a person experiences sensations that they are moving while being still?
a) vertigo
b) dystonia
c) peripheral neuropathy
d) dementia

What type of joint is the first carpometacarpal joint
a) hinge
b) saddle
c) gliding
d) pivot

Endocrie glands secret____________ into the blood?
a) lipids
b) bile
c) toxins
d) horomones

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