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Which is not an article of an organization bylaws?
a) Official ceremonies
b) Executive Board
c) Meetings
d) Parliamentary Order

A person who is not the first to rise and address the chair may be given preference on being recognized if
a) The chair knows and approves of his/her position on the motion
b) The member is the person who seconded the motion
c) The member is the maker of the motion and has not yet spoken
d) The member asks for special treatment because of another committment

When a member calls Division immediately after a voice vote has been taken, he is requesting that
a) the vote be retaken and recounted
b) the vote be retaken by ballot
c) the vote be retaken by a rising vote
d) the vote is a tie

A recommendation or resolution from a committee of more than one person
a) must have a preamble
b) must be presented by chairman
c) does not need a second when presented
d) is already voted and approved of by the membership

When voting, the majority of thrty-seven is
a) 17
b) 18
c) 19
d) 12

An amendment to an amendment is usally referred to as a
a) germane amendment
b) primary amendment
c) secondary amendment
d) tertiary amendment

If the chair assigns the floor to the wrong person a member may
a) rise to point of information
b) raise a question of privilege
c) move previous question
d) call for division of assembly

Permission for a member to withdraw his motion is required only
a) after the motion has been stated by the chair
b) after the motion has been seconded immediately
c) after the motion is made
d) if he/she is still standing

Bylaws of an organization
a) are written by each new set of officer
b) can never be suspended
c) can be suspended at any meeting
d) change every year

The tern viva voca refers to taking a vote by
a) show of hands
b) general consent
c) say those in favor say aye-those opposed say no
d) living the viva la voca

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