8th Grade Exam 5 Question Preview (ID: 1208)

Review For First Semester Exam Part 5. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What states the law of conservations of energy?
a) in a chemical reaction , energey is neither created nor destryoed, but can change in form
b) Energy is needed to break chemical bonds.
c) light energy is released by some exothermic reactions
d) an exothermic reaction releases energy

Which of the following usually increases the rate of a reaction?
a) Grinding a solid reactant into a powder.
b) decreasing the concentration of the reactants.
c) lowerin the temperature of the reactents.
d) raising the temperature of the products

The forcees on an object are balanced if the net force on an object
a) is at zero
b) is not equal to zero
c) increases
d) decreases.

A measure of the gavitational force exerted on an object is the
a) weight
b) net force
c) kilogram
d) mass

The rate at wich velocity changes over time is
a) acceleration
b) final velocity
c) projectile motion
d) gravitational velocity

Everything on earth is pulled downward toward the center by
a) gravity
b) velocity
c) net force
d) acceleration

You must describe the position, speed, and direction of motion of an object in order to fully describe its...
a) motion
b) momentum
c) force

The reason mass and weight are the same everywhere on earth is because
a) the gravitional force is the same.
b) mass and weight are the same thing
c) mass and weight are measured the same way
d) mass is the same as weight throughtout the universe.

Wich is a common unbalaced force acting on objects in motion?
a) friction
b) speed
c) inertia
d) acceleration

when a car increases its velocity, its momentum
a) increases
b) decreases
c) remains unchanged
d) is transfurder to its surroundings.

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